Study Abroad

Steps to Study Abroad

You’ve decided you want to go abroad. Congratulations! Not sure what to do next? We’re here to help. From choosing the program that’s best for you, to submitting your application, getting accepted, and preparing for your time abroad, these steps will guide you through the process.

1. Consider your goals and begin to research study abroad program offerings.

All of Marquette’s Study Abroad programs that are available for Business students can be found using the links below.

2. Attend a Study Abroad 101 session.

3. Meet with an International Program Coordinator in the Office of International Business Studies (DS 101) to discuss your study abroad plans.

  • If you plan on studying abroad in Europe or South America, please make an appointment with Courtney here.
  • If you plan on studying abroad in Asia-Pacific or the Middle East, please make an appointment with Elaine here.

4. Submit your online application to study abroad.

Use your Marquette login credentials to start an application here.

  • Application deadline to study abroad for the spring semester: October 1st
  • Application deadline to study abroad in the summer, fall or academic year: March 1st

5. Get accepted to a study abroad program! Once accepted, be sure to log back into your online account and commit to the program.

6. Complete all of the online post-acceptance materials and program specific requirements.

  • Make sure you have a valid passport
  • Find out if you need a visa to study abroad
  • Submit partner application materials
  • Research course offerings and complete a Course Approval Form

7. Attend the in-person Pre-Departure Orientation. This is MANDATORY! All orientation materials can be found here.

8. Go Abroad!

While abroad be sure to complete the following:

  • Your courses enrollment confirmation
  • Your contact information while abroad
  • Mid-semester Reflection

Returning students

Welcome back! We hope you had an amazing study abroad experience. Please read on for details about your transfer credits and what to do when you return to campus.

  • Transcript Processing: We will notify you when we receive your study abroad transcript from our partner university. Please allow for one month of processing time for your study abroad credits to appear on Marquette transcript. If you think your study abroad credits have transferred back incorrectly, please contact your study abroad coordinator at Marquette.
  • International Involvement Opportunities: You’re back from studying abroad - Now what?
    • Help us promote study abroad to other Marquette students. Become a Study Abroad Ambassador or volunteer at our Study Abroad Fairs. More information here.
    • Sign up for a 2 credit post-study abroad course “Bridging the Local and Global: Unpacking Study Abroad and Becoming a Global Citizen” (ARSC 3005)
    • Learn more about the transition back to life in the U.S. and what you can do with the new skills you’ve gained from your study abroad experience.