Study Abroad

Study abroad provides an invaluable opportunity for students to study in different educational environments and gain first-hand exposure to other countries, cultures, societies and business practices while enhancing foreign language skills.

The Office of International Business Studies works to promote the internationalization of the College of Business Administration, its faculty, and students. We assist College of Business students in finding study abroad programs and opportunities that fit their unique goals and area of study.

College of Business students have several options when it comes to study abroad:

  • Semester and Academic Year Programs: Students who select this study abroad option attend one of our many partner universities around the world for a full semester or academic year. These programs offer both business and non-business courses, and are taught in English and the local language.
  • Summer Programs: Students choosing this short-term study abroad option attend summer programs at our partner universities. These programs vary in length, start date and the number of credits offered. This is a great option for students who are worried about the timing and cost associated with a more traditional study abroad program.
  • Faculty-Led Programs: These programs are created and led by a Marquette faculty member(s). Faculty-led programs offer students the opportunity to participate in guided intentional learning programs that combine classroom work, either at Marquette or abroad, with cultural experiences and international site visits. These programs occur during winter break, spring break and summer.

*If you are not a College of Business Administration student but are interested in studying abroad, please visit Marquette’s Study Abroad page here.