Three Marquette Business professors receive grants


May 22, 2013

Over the past two months, three Marquette Business professors received grants for various research projects:

Dr. John Davis, professor of economics, received a $74,250 award from the Institute for New Economic Thinking for “Reflexivity and the Theory of Economic Agents.” This research proposes to develop a theory of reflexive economic agents and use this analysis to explain both (a) innovator agent behavior in a general theory of innovation, and (b) agent behavior in such phenomena as bubbles, cascades and other forms of self-reinforcing economic activity.

Dr. Olga Yakusheva, associate professor of economics, received a $50,000 award from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation for “Value Added of Nurse Education in Acute Care.” This project will produce new evidence regarding the value-added of nurse characteristics (education, experience and expertise levels) and estimate the return on investments in the baccalaureate educated nurse workforce to meet the Institute of Medicine requirement of 80 percent.

Dr. Craig Andrews, professor and Charles H. Kellstadt Chair in Marketing, received a $3,600 award from the Marketing Science Institute for “Do Nutrition Knowledge and Motivation Matter in the Evaluation and Use of Multi-Color Versus Monochrome Front-of-Package Nutrition Symbols?” The effects of monochrome and multi-color (traffic light) front-of-package symbols will be studied under high and low levels of knowledge and motivation, and for the presence and absence of the nutrition facts panel.   Non-exposure controls for the front-of-package icons and facts panel will be included, as well as tests for other possible moderators (e.g., age, body mass index, gender, diet).