Presidential Management Fellow Program seeking GSM students


September 22, 2011

Presidential Management Fellow Program seeking GSM students for the Presidential Management Fellows Program of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management

This highly selective, rigorous leadership program recruits outstanding graduate students for a two-year developmental fellowship at various Federal agencies.

Presidential Management Fellows Program

1. We will conduct a competitive nomination process from all students who submit a request for nomination.  Criteria for school nomination must include:

  • Demonstrated breadth and quality of accomplishments
  • Capacity for leadership
  • Commitment to a career in the analysis and management of public policies and programs

2. (GSM will take care of this portion) Nomination Official must:

  • Verify the eligibility of their graduate students
  • Ensure all eligible students are aware of the PMF program and know how to apply for nomination*
  • Establish procedures to ensure each candidate receives careful and thorough review
  • Offer all students an equal opportunity for nomination relative to any specific nomination requirements, competitive processes, and deadlines at the school
  • Rate students requesting consideration either qualified or unqualified
  • Determine preliminary eligibility for veterans’ preference; any student who is eligible for veterans’ preference and qualifies for nomination must be nominated by the school
  • Submit a separate PMF form (OPM Form 1300) for each student the school decides to nominate for the program as a result of the school’s competitive process.  The Nomination Form must be faxed to the fax number printed on the form by the nomination deadline, and faxed one submission at a time (separate transmissions).  If the Nomination Form is not received by the deadline, the student will not be considered for the program.
  • Obtain a fax transmission report to ensure fax transmission and retain as proof of transmission if a nomination comes into questions’ this should be done for each nomination separately
  • Retain the Nomination Form for his/her records.

3. Student (applicant) completes Nomination Form and forwards to Nomination Official.

  • Deadlines should be in place for this process as well as any other information we wish to obtain when reviewing the applicants.
    • Deadline is September 23rd 2011 at noon for information submission deadline
  • Nomination process: Please sent to Cheryl Nelson, Director of Student Services, GSM
    • Current resume
    • Statement of professional goals or reason for PMF
    • Grades
    • Two letters of recommendation

See official flyer at