Marquette Business faculty research profiled


March 07, 2012

Two College of Business Administration faculty members’ research is profiled in the 2012 edition of Discover, Marquette University’s official annual research publication.

Dr. Olga Yakusheva, associate professor of economics, was highlighted in “Go Home, Stay Home,” a feature that outlines her work with Drs. Marianne Weiss and Kathleen Bobay, both from Marquette’s College of Nursing, on how nurses can help reduce the rotating door of hospital readmissions.

The three joined forces in 2008 for a study that looked at 16 nursing units in four Midwestern hospitals and included information collected firsthand from 1,892 medical/surgical patients. What they found was that oftentimes readmission costs can be avoided with greater nurse/patient interaction and better discharge teaching.

Yakusheva received national media attention last year for her studies on weight gain among college women and what she calls the “myth of the freshman 15.” This past academic year, Yakusheva has been on leave from Marquette as she completes a research fellowship at Yale University.

“Poking Holes in the Golden Parachute” examined the research of Dr. Qianhua “Q” Ling, an assistant professor of accounting who has been studying the interplay among CEO severance packages, salary and transparency.

In a paper slated to be published in 2012 by the Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance, Ling examines the association between pre-negotiated (or ex ante) severance agreements and the timely disclosure of bad news to governing boards and shareholders. Her findings show a strong correlation between the type of severance package a CEOs have in their contracts and those individuals’ tendency to disclose bad news to their boards sooner.