Research plays an essential role for Marquette business faculty:  it is our intellectual contribution to our disciplines, it challenges our creativity and problem solving skills, and it adds value to what we teach. We focus on business research that is relevant and has impact. 

Students benefit from faculty scholarship by participating in research projects, and from enriched learning experiences where faculty members bring current findings into the classroom. 

Relevant and impactful research builds individual scholarship, enhances teaching and learning, and strengthens our ties to the business community.

Integral to our commitment to teaching excellence are our innovative applied learning experiences. Applied learning puts students at the center of their own learning, brings the business world into the classroom, and uses the case method and a variety of interactive learning strategies. 

Some of our faculty’s accomplishments include:

  • Article of the year for research in the area of Operations and Supply Chain Management
  • Six university teaching award recipients
  • National Awards and Recognitions for global business education innovation
  • Editor positions on 30 academic and professional journals
  • Manuscript referees for over 100 journals and conferences annually
  • Complete 10 external reviews cases and accreditation visits annually
  • Recent grant awards for research in health, public policy and housing issues