International Business

International Business Major

The International Business major is available only as a second major and includes four main components:

  1. A second major in one of the functional areas in Business Administration 
  2. Proficiency in a second language 
  3. Work or study abroad for a semester, year, or summer 
  4. Course work in International Business 

With careful advising and planning, most students have the opportunity to complete the requirements for the International Business major in eight semesters (four years) without need to enroll in summer classes.

IB Majors with Finance or Accounting second majors may also apply to the Applied Investment Management (AIM) Program.

To complete the requirements for a major in International Business, students need to complete coursework as specified below:

Specific International Business Requirements

12 credits plus an additional major in the college

One course from the following:

  • ECON 4044 (International Currency Markets) 3 credits
  • ECON 4046 (International Trade) 3 credits

Three courses from the following:

  • ECON 3040 (Applied Global Business Learning project) 3 credits
  • ECON 4042 (International Antitrust and Competition Policy) 3 credits
  • ECON 4044 (International Currency Markets) 3 credits
  • ECON 4045 (Comparative Economic Development) 3 credits
  • ECON 4046 (International Trade) 3 credits
  • ECON 4047 (Development Economics) 3 credits
  • ECON 4951 (Marquette-led Travel and Study Abroad in Econ) 3 credits
  • ENTP 4041 (International Entrepreneurial Sustainability) 3 credits
  • HURE 4140 (International Human Resources Management) 3 credits
  • ACCO 4040 (International Accounting) 3 credits
  • ACCO 4045 (International Taxation) 3 credits
  • BULA 3040 (The Legal and Regulatory Environment of International Business) 3 credits
  • BUAD 2986 (Applied Business Learning Experience) 3 credits
  • OSCM 4040 (Globalization and Global Supply Chain) 3 credits
  • OSCM 4045 (Globalization and Global Operations) 3 credits
  • MARK 4040 (International Marketing) 3 credits
  • MANA 4040 (International Management) 3 credits
  • FINA 4040 (International Finance) 3 credits
  • INBU 4951 (Marquette-led Travel and Study Abroad in International Business) 3 credits
  • INBU 4986 (Internship in International Business) 3 credits
  • INBU 4953 (Seminar in International Business) 3 credits

Also, (A) one of the above four courses must be either ECON 4044 or ECON 4046; (B) a maximum of two IB courses can be economics.

  • Five Business Electives (15 credits)
    (Students must complete another major within the College of Business) 
  • Foreign Language
    Working competency in at least one approved foreign language is required, satisfied by either (1) completing foreign language courses (3001 and another upper division elective) in French, German, Japanese, Italian or Spanish; or (2) if passing a reading, writing, speaking, and listening working competency test in a foreign language taught at Marquette University as endorsed by the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures. Permission to take this competency test is granted by the director of International Business Studies. Note: Foreign students whose native language is not English may have the language competency requirement waived subject to the approval of the director of International Business Studies. 
  • Study or Work Abroad
    Completion of a work or study abroad summer or term program is required (NOTE: A term or academic year abroad may result in more than eight terms needed to complete the business degree.) Approval of the study/work abroad experience is subject to prior, written approval by the director of International Business Studies.

Additional business & non-business course requirements

In addition to the requirements for the major, all students in the College of Business Administration complete business core courses, the Marquette University core of common studies, and non-business electives.

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