Real Estate Major

Finding the perfect location is as important to a growing business as hiring the employees to run it. Will a new coffee shop thrive in this neighborhood? What about a condominium or apartment complex? Could this be the right spot for a commercial plant? Businesses might range from tiny storefronts to sprawling industrial complexes, but the importance of commercial real estate — and those who understand it — is the same.

Specific Real Estate Requirements

27 Credits

REAL 3001 (Introduction to Real Estate) must be taken as the Legal/Regulatory requirement (see business core courses), but does not count towards the 15 credits needed for the Real Estate major.  REAL majors are encouraged to take REAL 3001 in the fall of their sophomore or junior year.

  • REAL 4002 (Commercial Real Estate Finance) 3 credits
  • REAL 4120 (Cases in Commercial Real Estate) 3 credits
  • REAL 4130 (Commercial Real Estate Development) 3 credits
  • Two electives from:
    • REAL 4110 (Commercial Real Estate Valuation) 3 credits
    • REAL 4330 (Advanced Real Estate Analysis) 3 credits
    • REAL 4931 (Topics in Real Estate) 3 credits
    • REAL 4953 (Seminar in Real Estate) 3 credits
    • REAL 4986 (Real Estate Internship) 3 credits
    • FINA 4001 (Advanced Financial Management)* 3 credits
    • FINA 4011 (Investment Analysis)* 3 credits
    • ECON 4012 (Urban & Regional Economics)* 3 credits
    • ACCO 4080 (Analysis of Corporate Financial Statements)* 3 credits
    • CEMA 3810 (Introduction to Construction Management) 3 credits
  • Four Business Electives (12 credits)

* For students double-majoring: If taken as a Real Estate elective, course cannot also count towards another major

NOTE: One International Business Course is required (within or outside your major).

Additional business & non-business course requirements

In addition to the requirements for the major, all students in the College of Business Administration complete business core courses, the Marquette University core of common studies, and non-business electives.