Undergraduate Learning Outcomes

As one of many methods of assuring that the goals of our educational mission are successfully met, the college regularly and systematically engages in the assessment of a variety of competencies. As part of this assurance of learning, each program defines and collects data on learning goals; statements of the knowledge, skills and attitudes that we want our graduates to possess. We use them for continuous improvement and they are the criteria on which organizations such as AACSB evaluate our accreditation. The following are the current Learning Goals for the Accounting Major along with the goals for the Undergraduate Business Core.

  • Apply critical thinking skills
  • Perform entry level accounting operations
  • Demonstrate oral communication skills
  • Demonstrate written communication skills
  • Analyze international environment
  • Analyze ethical issues
  • Utilize technology skills

Below are the specific learning outcomes assessed to help determine if students meet the above outcome.

Learning Outcomes

For the goal - - Apply critical thinking skills:

  • Identify the critical elements of an accounting issue
  • Analyze the data/information on the accounting problem using an appropriate framework
  • Derive relevant conclusions about the accounting problem

For the goal - - Perform entry-level accounting operations:

  • Demonstrate competence in fundamental skills in financial accounting

For the goal - - Demonstrate oral communication skills:

  • Communicate effectively with business professionals
  • Deliver an organized accounting/business presentation
  • Speak in an organized manner on an accounting/business topic

For the goal - - Demonstrate written communication skills:

  • Organize the correct information for an accounting/business report
  • Develop the appropriate content for  an accounting/business report
  • Use appropriate writing mechanics

For the goal - - Analyze the international environment:

  • Identify international accounting standards essential to the preparation of international accounting reports
  • Differentiate US accounting, auditing and tax standards and international accounting, auditing and tax standards

For the goal - - Analyze ethical issues:

  • Identify ethical issues in accounting/business context
  • Critically apply ethical reasoning to an accounting/business situation
  • Choose an appropriate course of action based on ethical standards
  • Evaluate multiple stakeholders’ perspective in the accounting/business situation

For the goal - - Utilize technology skills:

  • Identify uses of spreadsheets in accounting applications
  • Develop excel spreadsheets for accounting applications
  • Identify uses of data for accounting information systems
  • Develop queries to access accounting information from data bases

Undergraduate Business Core Learning Goals

  1. Apply effective written and oral communication skills to business situations.
  2. Analyze the global business environment.
  3. Analyze the local business environment.
  4. Use critical thinking skills in business situations.
  5. Apply an ethical understanding and perspective to business situations.