Bridge to Business for Engineers

Sponsored by Rexnord Corporation

Todd Adams
president and CEO, Rexnord

“We see great value in an engineering program that provides a solid technical background supplemented with broader business knowledge. This skill set will set graduates apart in the workplace.”

Bridge to Business for Engineers is a unique partnership of Marquette University’s Opus College of Engineering and College of Business Administration and Milwaukee-based manufacturer Rexnord. An immersive, three-week experience to give early career engineers business fundamentals, Bridge to Business is specifically designed for individuals who recently graduated with a bachelor’s degree in engineering — including engineers who have not yet begun full-time employment, as well as those with a few years of experience.

Bridge to Business is made possible through a generous $1 million corporate gift from Rexnord. Read the announcement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Bridge to Business be available only for engineers?

Bridge to Business is being developed specifically with engineers in mind. We hope to develop similar types of programs for other professions in the future.

Will Bridge to Business be available only to Marquette University Opus College of Engineering alumni?

No, Bridge to Business will be available to any recent engineering graduate.

When will Bridge to Business be offered?

The first cohort is currently scheduled to begin in late-May 2017.

How large will the cohorts be?

The first cohort will be approximately 20 students. In the future, typical cohorts will comprise around 30 individuals.

What subjects will be covered?

Curriculum design began in summer of 2016. The program will cover topics in varying degrees of depth in several key disciplines, including: operations management, supply chain management /IT, project management, lean manufacturing, accounting and finance, economics, human resources management and leadership, marketing and sales, and business law.

How will the program be organized?

Bridge to Business will use a combination of classroom lectures and discussions, a custom-integrated project, case studies and visits with industry experts. The program will combine key business disciplines that are closely linked to engineering processes, e.g., product development, make vs. buy, business case, problem solving and continuous improvement techniques.

Who will teach the Bridge to Business courses?

Bridge to Business courses will be taught by Marquette University faculty, primarily from the College of Business Administration and Opus College of Engineering, with opportunities for Marquette faculty from other disciplines, as appropriate, as well as adjunct instructors from industry.

Will Bridge to Business be scheduled for three consecutive weeks?

The first cohort will be taught over three consecutive weeks. Variations of this format are being considered for the future.

What will tuition be for the Bridge to Business program?

Final tuition amount has not yet been determined. It is expected that it will be priced competitively with similar programs around the country. Interested students may inquire for more information through the form below.

Are college credits available for completing Bridge to Business?

At this time, there are no plans to grant college credits for completing Bridge to Business. Graduates of the program will receive a letter of completion signed by the deans of both the College of Business Administration and the Opus College of Engineering.

Will there be housing options for students who live outside the Milwaukee area?

There are no set arrangements for housing at this time, however program staff is willing to assist with requests from interested parties.

How do I enroll in the Bridge to Business program?

Marquette will begin accepting applications in February 2017. Please submit your contact information below, and the university will notify you when the application process is set to begin.

My company would like to send several engineers through the Bridge to Business program. Is it possible to have a dedicated or customized program for my firm?

Marquette is interested in discussing such opportunities further. Please submit your contact information below and a member of the Bridge to Business staff will contact you.

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