Kohler Center for Entrepreneurship

Create. Innovate. Start.

The Kohler Center fosters new ventures, encourages innovation, and promotes entrepreneurship at Marquette University and in the Milwaukee area.

Entrepreneurship at Marquette University encompasses an undergraduate major and minor in the College of Business Administration, a program in social entrepreneurship, classes in the MBA and EMBA programs, student project experiences both locally and globally, and close ties to a strong network of alumni and Milwaukee-area startup experts who provide their experience and mentorship.  An incubator space and portfolio of entrepreneurial resources are available on campus for startups.  The Kohler Center also hosts and records frequent talks and presentations on various entrepreneurial topics geared to offer firsthand startup expertise.  Each spring, students and members of the community can participate in the ImpactNext business model competition.

Whether you are testing your idea, need expert advice, or are looking for funding, the Kohler Center will help you grow your venture.

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Turn your business idea into reality

The Kohler Center is currently accepting applications for start-ups wishing to utilize the incubator space on campus.

All faculty, staff and students are welcome to apply!

Meet some of our entrepreneurs...

  As a student run, not-for-profit venture, Buena Vida is more than just high-quality roasted beans and a coffee fundraiser; it is an opportunity to give back.
  Feat Food is a Mediterranean meal service which provides healthy, ready to eat meals in Italy. Meals are created based on nutritional research and are delivered to a customers home or office.
  Seiva Technologies manufactures sensor-embedded compression garments that detect neuromuscular responses from the entire body, and wirelessly transmit them to a mobile device
  Itus is a preventative wearable technology designed to improve safety in the construction industry through the analysis of biometric and environmental data.