Kohler Center for Entrepreneurship

Innovation Lab

The Kohler Center brought several successful entrepreneurs and business leaders to campus during the Spring of 2013.


Scott Buehrer, Vice President of Sales, Bionix

His talk, titled “What I have learned from working with 7 entrepreneurs that can help you become one,” focused on the knowledge he has gained about starting and successfully operating companies over his long career. Buehrer’s work with various companies and entrepreneurs is extensive, including 15 years of running the Sales Department for three manufacturers and 10 years with a New York Stock Exchange listed, multi-billion dollar, multi-nation company. The session guarantees to be a dynamic presentation of business experiences and insights that will benefit current and future entrepreneurs.


Anne Nowakowski, owner, Stefans Soccer

Marquette alumna and owner of Stefans Soccer, Anne Nowakowski discussed entrepreneurship through the topic of family business. In 1992, Nowakowski, with her husband Dan, took over the soccer retailer from her father, Stefan, who began the company in 1965 as a men’s apparel and tailoring shop.  Nowakowski’s business perspective sheds light on growing up around a family business, the transition from one family member to another and the task of keeping a nearly 50 year old company innovative.  Anne focused on challenges that sports businesses face in an ever-changing market, specifically niche industries like soccer.


Blake Brigman, founder, Bozeen Language


Mission Week - Monsignor Albert - "Helping hands for the poor"