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What Chinese businesses want today and how they're trying to get it

Tuesday, March 5

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The Chinese government says that it wants Chinese investment in the United States to double every year for the next decade. What do they want to buy? And considering what the Chinese say about the U.S. today, why do they want to invest here in the first place?

This seminar examines what the Chinese say and what they actually do in the areas of business, law, and negotiation. The three panelists have extensive experience dealing with the Chinese and have unique insights into how Chinese deals actually get done.

Post-event social hour catered by Jing's.


  • Charles Stone, attorney at Weiss Berzowski Brady LLP; adjunct professor of business at Peking University Business School; practices general business law, with an emphasis on Chinese outbound investment to the U.S.; Ph.D. Chinese Language & Literature, University of Chicago; lived in China for 5 years.
  • David Mungenast, CEO of the Gogolak Group, partner of MedEd Architects which is expanding its online medical education business in China; attorney who studied law at Peking University and history at Fudan University; lived in China for 2 years.
  • Sandy Swartzberg, partner at Weiss Berzowski Brady LLP; business attorney with 35 years of experience negotiating M&A deals; author of the blog Conversations with Sam, which discusses a wide range of business law, the art of negotiation, and negotiating with the Chinese in particular.

Sponsored by:

  • Marquette University, College of Business Administration, Center for Supply Chain Management and Office of International Business Studies
  • MMAC – Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce and their China Business Council
  • Weiss Berzowski Brady LLC

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