Center for Supply Chain Management

Applied Learning

The key to providing value to our students is to offer them applied learning experiences so they can combine theory and practice and learn from supply chain leaders across a variety of business sectors. To that end, we bring industry to the classroom through internships, guest lecturers, student-assisted real-world projects, contemporary case studies, technology applications, and opportunities for students to observe meetings, problem-solving and real-world data applications.

My experience learning and adapting to my internship company’s business environment has expanded my supply chain knowledge, and the leadership experience I gained is something that must be experienced outside of the classroom. – Kristin Thornton, Bus Ad ’13

Applied Procurement Course

Students solving problems

Whether in the classroom or on site, students in the Applied Procurement Management course work alongside some of the best in the business. Students are taught by experienced procurement professionals for one class period each week and spend two half days each week in Milwaukee-area firms working on real-world tasks consistent with the content covered in class. Participating corporations reinforce the value of the applied learning experience and realize significant business value.

The applied procurement class was the most valuable Supply Chain Management class I took at Marquette University. It is truly a program that sets Marquette apart from other schools by providing me with real world work experience that cannot be simulated in the classroom. – John Wright, Bus Ad ’11

Student Experiences

Operations and Supply Chain Management Club

Through the Operations and Supply Chain Management Club, students connect with industry and stay on top of the latest trends that are impacting global business. Each year our students are able to visit some of the Midwest’s prominent manufacturing and distribution firms to learn every aspect of the supply chain directly from industry leaders. They also learn valuable networking and job interviewing skills.

Students are encouraged to become members in local and national organizations such as the Institute for Supply Management, APICS and the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals.

Students who would like to participate in the Operations and Supply Chain Management Club or industry professionals who want to get involved should contact Erin Lauterbach or Austin Kopitzke

APICS Certification

Several certificates are available through the nationally recognized APICS organization. Students who take the exams and pass will be reimbursed by the center. Since the program began in 2009, 17 students have taken and passed 32 APICS certification exams.

Degree Programs