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A nationally-recognized Supply Chain Management program, ranked #14 by Gartner, Inc.

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Real-world, hands-on learning
The key to providing value to our students is to offer them applied learning experiences so they can combine theory and practice and learn from supply chain leaders across a variety of business sectors.

Value through research
University research futures scholarship and enhances teaching. Faculty in the Center for Supply Chain Management take it a step further and conduct relevant, impactful research that is a direct benefit to industry.

Business Partnerships
Located in the vibrant manufacturing and business services area of Milwaukee, the Center for Supply Chain Management has deep relationships with some of the world’s leading firms. Through these partnerships, students are afforded the opportunity to learn every aspect of the supply chain directly from industry leaders.

Vision & Objectives

Vision: To develop a valued applied learning environment that will be an ongoing resource for our students, the university and industry partners.


  • Increase the value of our students’ education as it relates to their careers
  • Increase the value of our students to current and future employers
  • Become a resource for the supply chain profession in the greater Milwaukee business community
  • Enhance the relationships among the college, the university, and the business community

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Center for Supply Chain Management
College of Business Administration and Graduate School of Management Marquette University
PO Box 1881
Milwaukee, WI 53201-1881