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Applied Global Business Learning - Projects

Marquette AGBL provides a wide range of projects to the various communities. We develop solutions to micro-enterprise problems and work with the communities to implement these proposals while preserving local culture.

Marquette University will recruit student volunteers and field professionals to assist in various projects in developing countries, such as Guatemala and India. AGBL will then travel overseas to participate in a cultural exchange that will include the assessment of micro-enterprise problems and implementation of appropriate business solutions. As much as possible, students and entrepreneurs begin contact about their hopes and intentions for the project to include both sides in our planning process.

Furthermore, on-campus meeting will be held as needed among participating students, faculty, and business leaders. Meetings will include discussion on the cultural, financial, and social impact and effects of our interaction with the communities. Furthermore, we will assess both the success and appropriateness of our proposed business solutions.

This unique interaction will not only offer a depth of perspective and resources, but will also facilitate the application of classroom knowledge to hands-on, real-world experience.

Past trips & business reports



Project Description

March 2016 Guatemala Barbara Ford Peace Center
March 2015 Quiche, Guatemala Community of San Francisco
January 2015 El Salvador La Canasta Basica
January 2015 Dhaka, Bangladesh BRAC - Targeting the Ultra Poor
March 2014 Guatemala
Dominican Republic
Acción Cultural Guatemalteca
BRA Animal Husbandry
January 2014 Quiche, Guatemala ACG Business Analysis
January 2014 Ahmedabad, India X-Plant Business Analysis
Aadi Aushadhi Business Analysis
XICE Business Analysis
March 2013 El Salvador Vivaz Women's Cooperative - Final Report
January 2013 Ahmedabad, India

XOIC Final Report
Aadi Aushadhi Business Analysis
X-Plant Final Report
St. Vincent De Paul Final Report

January 2013 Quiché, Guatemala Report: The return on investment
for water projects in Quiché
March 2012 Dominican Republic Batey Relief Alliance
January 2012 El Salvador Cocobano Chicken Cooperative
Bolsas de Cati
January 2012 Ahmedabad, India X-Plant Final Report
St Vincent DePaul Business Analysis
XOIC Business Analysis
Aadi Aushadhi Business Analysis
January 2011 Quiché, Guatemala Report: The Indigenous Community and Education

Spring 2010

Quiché, Guatemala

Partnership with
Global Partners: Running Waters, Inc.
Final Report   Analysis

January 2010 Ahmedabad, India Depidada Medicinal Plant Co-op

May 2009


Textiles Project

January 2009 Honduras

Rosquillos project - Report
Video: English | Spanish

January 2008


Research on possible projects