Center for Global and Economic Studies

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Academic Opportunities

AGBL will provide opportunities for students to travel abroad and assist local businesses in expanding, creating, or improving their current operations. Eventually we will also hone their skills working with needy Milwaukee area business during the semester.

Students will earn three credits for their efforts. This unique interaction will not only offer a depth of perspective and resources, but will also facilitate the application of classroom knowledge to hands-on, real-world experience.


Student Membership

This organization is the perfect fit for business students and international relations majors. However, we welcome all majors to participate, especially journalism students to help document our findings.

Student Applications are due April 30th for the following January trip in order to take full advantage of airfare savings. Trips range from 8 students to 12 students depending on project and lodging options.

Costs of our trips are $1,000 per week, which includes all expenses except visa fees (or other charges that require payment by recipient). AGBL tries to keep these charges less than $100 whenever possible. All in-country transportation, meals, and lodging are paid for as well as airfare. A limited number of $500 scholarships are available.

Furthermore, Marquette staff, faculty, local business leaders, alumni, and alumnae are eligible to accompany our trips for the cost of airfare.


Please note that a non-refundable deposit of $500 per student per trip will be due after acceptance to the program. Meetings will be held throughout the semester in preparation for the trip. Please see table below for due dates of applications.