Business Administration Alumni Association (MUBAAA)

Active members of the Marquette University Business Administration Alumni Association (MUBAAA) span the globe and count Fortune 500 executives, top entrepreneurs and everything in between as members. It is a powerful network that is continually strengthened by your involvement.

The MUBAAA mission is to promote effective relations between association members and the Marquette University College of Business Administration. The association further aims to support the interest, influence and welfare of Marquette University to foster the moral, spiritual and intellectual ideals of the university.

MUBAAA regular membership consists of all holders of degrees conferred by Marquette University for studies in business administration. Honorary membership, upon nomination and election to membership by the board of directors, consists of all people who have received an honorary degree from Marquette University in business administration, faculty members of Marquette University whose service warrants such recognition, and friends and benefactors of the College of Business Administration.

Board Membership & Recruitment

Board membership is open to all MUBAAA members. Nominations for the board may come from any MUBAAA member. Board Directors are elected by a majority of the board.

To express interest in board membership, please contact the MUBAAA.