Online Orientation

Congratulations and Welcome to Marquette University and the Graduate School of Management!

Getting started.....Your admission letter had some basic information about the campus and key things that will help you find some of the necessities on the Marquette campus, such as ID cards, parking, etc.  Additionally, the GSM has developed a new student online orientation program to guide you though the policies and logistics of starting a graduate career at Marquette.

This orientation program will take you through the basic things you need to need to know as a new student as well as act as a resource throughout your program.  The entire orientation is a set of five Power Point presentations.  We have tried to separate the information into logical parts and consider this a work in progress.  If you are short on time begin with the Getting Started slide show.  You can then go to the Registration, Policies and Procedures, Other Resources and Appeals Process sideshows when you have more time.

The on-line orientation program is a constant work in progress for us so please let me know your thoughts once you complete the program.  We will continue to make updates as we receive feedback from students. Thank you and Welcome to the GSM!!

Dr. Jeanne Simmons
Associate Dean

Powerpoint PDFs

Getting Started
Topics include contact information, registration for classes, email account, purchasing textbooks and parking permits, etc. This presentation contains 32 slides ~ 20 minutes.

Overview including how to register, change your registration, waitlist for a class that is closed and add or drop a class once the semester has begun. This presentation contains 11 slides ~ 10 minutes.

GSM Policies and Procedures
While it is important to go through this presentation at the beginning of your career as a GSM student you should find this to be useful throughout the entire program. This presentation contains topics such as academic status, deadlines, grade changes, leave of absence, transfer of credits, waiver exams, graduation and more. There are 18 slides ~ 10 minutes.

University Resources
Overview of the general university resources such as the Alumni Memorial Union, career development and placement, counseling services, fitness centers, libraries, safety, etc. Each contains a link for more information on the resource itself. There are 17 slides ~ 10 minutes.