Who will be my advisor?

Student will be assigned an advisor in each program and it is recommended that the student meet with each advisor prior to registration each semester.

My admission letter states that I have foundation courses required. Can I take a waiver exam?

Yes. Waiver exams are available for each foundation course. The cost is $100 for each exam and you can take each exam once.

How many credits do I save by doing the programs together?

MBA/JD students may double count a maximum of 21 credits. This saves a student about a year of course work and tuition. The Graduate School of Management accepts a maximum of 12 credits from law studies. In addition, the Law School will accept a maximum of 9 credits from the MBA studies toward the JD degree.

How does tuition work between the programs?

In general, joint program students will pay tuition at the full-time (flat tuition) Law School rate while a full-time student, regardless of whether or not they are taking additional graduate courses. Upon receiving the juris doctor degree, joint program students will pay Graduate School of Management tuition at the per credit rate for graduate courses. Part-time law students will typically pay the per-credit Law School rate for law courses, and the per-credit GSM rate for graduate courses.

I had transcripts sent to Marquette when I applied to the Law School. Do I need to have them sent again for the MBA application?

Students that are already admitted to the Law School may request transcript to be sent from the Law School to the GSM. Please click here and complete the request form. (PDF)

How long will it take and do I need to complete the two degrees at the same time?

Most students successfully complete the combined MBA/JD program in 4 years. The law program takes 3 years to complete and it typically takes one full year beyond for the MBA degree. This is done by blending MBA and law requirements during the 2nd and 3rd years of law school. You don’t need to complete the degrees at the same time. Some students complete the Law degree and then take years to complete the MBA degree on a part-time basis.

Do I have to take the GMAT?

Yes, even though you took the LSAT for Law School admission, you do need to complete the GMAT for the MBA program application.

Can I take MBA classes before I am officially admitted?

Yes, you can take preapproved classes as a Law student. You must complete the request to enroll in a graduate class form and have it signed by your advisor in the Law School.