MBA/JD Credit Efficiencies

The MBA/JD program is a combined program between the Graduate School of Management and the Law School. Student must apply separately to both the Graduate School of Management and the Law School and meet all admissions requirement for each.

Joint program students complete 81 credit hours in the Law School and 28-38 business credit hours in the MBA program. MBA/JD students may double count a maximum of 21 credits. The Graduate School of Management accepts a maximum of 12 credits from law studies.

Specifically, a law student may take LAW 7157 Current Issues in Intellectual Property and Technology Law (Computer Law)* or LAW 7236 Internet Law* as an elective for their law curriculum which double counts for the IT/eBiz core elective. And nine credits of business electives come from the law curriculum. In addition, the Law School will accept a maximum of 9 credits from the MBA core studies toward the JD degree. See the curriculum page for more specifics.

Most students successfully complete the combined MBA/JD program in 4 years. The law program is 3 years and one full year beyond for the MBA. This is done by blending MBA and law requirements during the 2nd and 3rd years of law school.

A maximum of 12 credits may transfer from law studies toward the MBA pending the grade of C or better and relevance of the course toward the MBA requirements. A maximum of 9 credits may transfer from the MBA program to the law school pending a grade of B or better.