Interested in both business and law? Marquette University’s Graduate School of Management, in conjunction with the Law School, offers a program of joint study leading to an MBA degree and a juris doctor degree. Students seeking admission to the joint program must apply separately to both the Graduate School of Management and the Law School and must meet the admission requirements for each.

Efficiencies are built into the program to maximize the student’s time and energy while providing thorough coverage in each area. The Graduate School of Management will accept a maximum of 12 approved law credits toward MBA requirements. The Law School will accept a maximum of 9 MBA credits toward the JD. Students work with both programs to meet degree requirements. A maximum of 21 credits is double counted between the two degrees which saves the student about a year of coursework.

Student will be assigned an advisor in each program and it is recommended that the student meet with each advisor prior to registration each semester. Most students successfully complete the combined MBA/JD program in 4 years. The law program is 3 years and one full year beyond for the MBA. This is done by blending MBA and law requirements during the 2nd and 3rd years of law school.