Are you ready to move your career forward? Are you ready to work hard to achieve your goals? If so, you are ready for a Marquette MBA. Whether you plan to change careers or move up in your current industry, Marquette’s MBA program will give you the tools you need to succeed.

Marquette’s MBA program is academically rigorous and responsive to the demands of the workplace. Our program is flexible, intense and focused on teaching students how to lead with their minds and their values. You will develop and implement solutions to complex business problems and appreciate and serve the greater needs in society in the Jesuit tradition.

The business world demands more cross-functional knowledge and our curriculum provides a balanced mastery of all these areas of business with a focus on global, ethical, leadership for the future. Students develop a breadth of understanding through course work in accounting, economics, finance, management, marketing, operations and supply chain management, and management information systems.

Because most of the MBA students are working professionals while attending Marquette, you will be collaborating closely with fellow students from different industries, backgrounds and nationalities. In and out of class, you’ll work closely with your peers, learning from their diverse experiences and developing a strong professional and social network. The result is that you will develop the ability to lead teams of all kinds, worldwide.

Learning at Marquette happens in a collaborative, applied learning environment that extends well beyond the classroom. You will be applying classroom theories to workplace issues in various class projects and certainly in class discussions. You take what you learn today and put it to work tomorrow.

Classes are held in the evening or on Saturday mornings on the Milwaukee campus and meet just once a week. Cohort programs are available in Waukesha and Kohler.

The Marquette University MBA degree is accredited by AACSB-International. It is part of the Jesuit network of schools, offering diversity and options for students facing potential transfers or moves outside of the Milwaukee area. The MBA program offers you the finest education with faculty who are leaders in their field, excellent dedicated teachers accustomed to working with adult students, and consultants in business.

Marquette's MBA courses are offered in three locations: Downtown, Waukesha, and Kohler.


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Comparison of MBA program options


Executive MBA

Part-time MBA

Kohler MBA

Class Location

Milwaukee Campus

Milwaukee campus

Kohler, WI at The Inn on Woodlake

Class Times

Saturday, 7:45a.m. -5 p.m. every other weekend; three periods of in residence.

One night a week or on Saturdays

Monday nights

Class type

Cohort class- enter as a group and stay as a group. Typically 15-22 students,  Maximum of 25.

Average class size: 24

Cohort class.  Program usually begins with a class of 30.  Maximum class size is 35.

Schedule design

Lockstep - everyone takes the same classes as a group

Flexible class schedule- students pick which classes and how many each term.


Length of program

17 months

Average completion: 3 years. Full-time students can finish in 1.5 

33 months

Curriculum design

Pre-defined curriculum

Individualized schedule

Semi-defined curriculum - students vote on electives as a group; flexibility to come to campus for different electives


Team-based program

Individually based; some classes have team components

Individually based; some classes have team components

Executive MBA

Part-time MBA

Kohler MBA

Program Focus

International focus/specialization    

General focus; Students may choose to specialize

General focus; no specialization options


Some residency required

No residency required

No residency required

Experience Requirements

Minimum of 5 years management experience.

No minimum required; most students have work experience - average is 6 to 7 years.

No minimum required; most students have significant work experience


Marquette faculty

Marquette faculty

Marquette faculty

Total Credits

Approximately 50 credits

40-50 credits, depending on undergraduate background

45 credits, depending on undergraduate background



$69,000 for Class of 2015; All-inclusive tuition covers all credits, textbooks & materials, international trip including airfare, single occupancy hotel, most meals, a tablet computer that you keep, parking, all meals on class days, optional hotel during immersion week, and all fees.

$1,025 per credit for 2014-2015; costs may increase yearly; about $41,000-$51,250 at current tuition, plus textbooks at about $175 – 200 per class

$1,025 per credit for 2014-2015; costs may increase yearly; about $46,125 at current tuition, plus textbooks at about $175 – 200 per class

Technology Enhanced Elements

Blended format- about 40% of the course content will be delivered on-line; 60% is face-to-face.

Some courses will be taught in a blended format. Most are 100% face-to-face.

Courses will be taught in a blended format/about 50% of the content will be delivered on-line & 50% face-to-face. Foundation courses may be 100% on-line.