The Marquette Advantage

If you're looking for a graduate business program that stresses excellence, builds leaders, and is sensitive to your needs; if you're looking for opportunities to improve your skills by becoming more involved with the business community and other adult learners; if you're interested in a business education based on the Jesuit tradition of learning HOW to think, not WHAT to think, then Marquette's GSM programs are right for you.

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Academic Excellence

At Marquette University, our primary focus is on Academic Excellence.

Marquette's regular faculty teach in the MBA program, both on campus and in the off-campus locations. Occasionally we utilize adjunct faculty to augment the program and to teach in specialized areas. Marquette has a well-deserved reputation for having faculty who publish research, work in the real world and care about teaching and their students. Marquette is not a research mill, where graduate assistants teach and professors seldom show up in the classroom, nor is it a passive teaching school where disengaged faculty recycle old lectures year after year. It is a Jesuit institution, requiring high standards in all areas. Our faculty enjoy teaching the graduate students and are well experienced at orchestrating student participation in class discussions so that you can learn from each other and incorporate your experiences into the classroom.

The courses you will take are demanding and time consuming but are designed to incorporate your work experiences and corporate life into the program. Many of the courses will have projects that can be done for your current organization, benefiting your company immediately and sharing some of your time with work.

The goal of the graduate programs is to teach the theories behind business, but also to provide you with the applicable skills to improve your daily performance. Classroom lessons can get you only so far without the practical tie to the work you will be doing on a regular basis. Marquette’s faculty will challenge you to expand your mind as well as your comfort zone and will expect you to be committed to this learning process. Marquette looks for students who are intellectually curious and want to challenge the status quo. We are looking for the leaders of both today and tomorrow.

Flexible Scheduling

Approximately 85 percent of our MBA students are working full-time while attending school part-time and trying to maintain a work-life balance as well. That means they need a very flexible schedule for classes.

Most of Marquette’s graduate business classes meet in the evening or on Saturday mornings. A typical schedule for a three-credit class is one night a week, from 5:45 - 8:25 p.m., or Saturdays in flexible formats. Classes are scheduled one night a week, Monday through Thursday nights, so you can choose which night or nights work best for you.

You determine how quickly you move through the program by choosing how many classes you take each term. Some students take one class every term. Others choose to pick up the pace and take two. Some choose to pursue the degree on a full-time basis and take three or even four classes a term – the choice is yours. You can even mix and match, depending on your schedule. Feel free to take more classes in a term when your workload is light or to lessen your class load when you have a heavy travel schedule planned.

Some students also take summer classes while others enjoy having the summer off. Classes meet two nights per week in the summer, but only for six- or seven-week terms. This allows students to take a course for half the summer and still take some time off. Other students take the opportunity to learn throughout the summer and complete two classes in a short amount of time.

There are very few prerequisite classes throughout the program so the curriculum remains flexible. A full-time director of student services will work with you individually to ensure a schedule that works for you.

Core courses are offered every fall and spring, usually in multiple sections. Most core courses are also offered during the summer. Foundation courses are also offered every fall and spring and, occasionally, during the summer. A variety of electives are offered every semester.

Students take between 18 months and six years to complete the MBA program by taking classes on a part-time basis. On average, students finish the MBA program in about three to three and a half years.

A Jesuit Education

What makes a Jesuit Education different? We firmly believe we are creating educated men and women for others.

When St. Ignatius Loyola sent Jesuits to run schools, he did so for two reasons: to improve the accrued knowledge of a city and to improve the moral tone of that city. Jesuit education was established around those two principles and they remain today. One essential part of Jesuit education is an excellent, rigorous academic experience. The other part of Jesuit education deals with ethical issues, morality and character. At Marquette University’s Graduate School of Management, you will earn a graduate business degree with a values-based, ethical focus on decision-making.

Another advantage of a Jesuit education is the partnership we have with the other Jesuit schools and universities throughout the U.S. Is there a chance that you may relocate during your pursuit of your MBA? You may be able to finish your Marquette degree at one of our Jesuit partners. Learn more about JEBNET, the Jesuit Business Network at

Small Classes

Small Class Size is an important feature to the graduate experience at Marquette.

We think it is vital to have interaction between faculty and students. Class discussion is a big part of the learning process in a graduate program and this is only achieved in a reasonable size class. At Marquette University, this facilitates your ability to become familiar with the faculty and classmates alike. The average class size in the MBA program on campus is about 24 students with no class over 40 students. This gives each student a chance to learn and participate in a comfortable environment.

Network with Other Experienced Students

Networking is one of the keys to success in business.

Marquette University's graduate programs in business are designed for the working professional. Eighty-five percent of our students are working full-time while attending classes part-time. The average student brings six and a half years of experience to the program and some bring as many as 20-25 years. This allows the students a great networking base semester after semester. You have the opportunity to regularly interact with other working professionals in your industry, or another area of business you’ve had your eye on.

Marquette's MBA program has been around since 1953, so there is a strong base of MU alums all around the nation and the world. A Marquette degree opens up doors to a whole world of alums just waiting to welcome you to the Marquette family of alumni. Join our MBA program to make the contacts and connections that will help you advance now and in the future.

Community Partnerships

Marquette has strong ties with numerous Community Partners.

Marquette University is located in the heart of downtown Milwaukee, putting us in a prime location to build strong community partnerships. Our faculty are excellent at using this to their advantage. The Graduate School of Management regularly attracts high-profile local business figures for classroom and campus speaking opportunities. Additionally, there are class projects that involve not-for-profit organizations in the downtown community and faculty incorporate service projects into some of their classes.