International Students

Application Procedures and Visa Information

Visa & Eligibility Requirements 


Most nonimmigrant students enter the United States with the legal status of an F-1 (student) visa and continue in that status throughout their period of study. To apply for an F-1 visa, a student needs a government document called a Certificate of Eligibility, or Form I-20, that is issued to the student by the university that the student will attend. A university must receive government permission to issue these I-20 forms.

Form I-20 & Verification

Before issuing an I-20, a university is required by law to verify that prospective students have:

  • Academic ability
  • English language proficiency
  • Financial support for the intended program of study.

Marquette University issues an I-20 for a prospective F-1 student after the student has been accepted for studies and has provided evidence of full financial support for the expenses of living and studying here for the proposed period of time.

Self-Completed Application Packet

In addition to the electronic application and application fee, applicants are strongly encouraged to submit a complete, self-assembled application packet of all application materials, other than test scores (GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, etc.). The following notes apply:

(1) If the application was submitted online, the applicant must print out a copy of the online application and submit it with the application fee and all other documents;

(2) If the applicant has a copy of the standardized-test results, he/she is encouraged to include a copy of those results with the package. However, those results will be considered unofficial until verified by the testing authority;

(3) Letters of recommendation and transcripts must be in sealed envelopes.

All application materials should be mailed to:  GSM, David Straz Executive Hall  #275, P.O. Box 1881, Milwaukee, WI  53201-1881.  For courier delivery:  David Straz Business, 606 N. 13th Street Suite 275, Milwaukee, WI  53233.


Financial Verification and Visa Regulations

Upon acceptance to the Graduate School of Management F-1 students will be mailed the necessary financial verification and advance deposit amounts.  F-1 students must adequately document their financial resources for the duration of the academic program before a visa will be issued. Financial verification, in the form of an appropriate sponsorship statement and an advanced deposit (in U.S. currency) equal to the amount of the first term's tuition, must be sent to Marquette before the certificate of eligibility for a visa will be issued.   For further information on the current financial verification requirements and sponsorship statement requirements please contact the Graduate School of Management at The premium for the first term of health and repatriation insurance, required of all F-1 and J-1 students, will be deducted from the advance deposit. All but $500 is refundable if the student chooses not to attend Marquette.  (Students have the option of obtaining their I-20 via speed post, if they request it in writing at the time they send in their advance deposit.  They will be billed for the “extra” shipping charge.  This shipping charge is non-refundable should they decide not to attend Marquette.) Students must be prepared to pay any remaining balance of the first term's tuition when they arrive on campus. The advance deposit will be waived if the student receives a scholarship or other academic award that covers the cost of the first term's tuition.  We will send the I-20 as soon as we receive the required deposit and acceptable financial verification form.

International student electronic deposit link

International students must abide by the regulations of their legal status in the United States regarding their defined educational objectives, academic load and employment. Most international applicants are eligible only for regular degree status.

Those seeking admission for non degree status must obtain a statement of their legal eligibility from Marquette's Office of International Education.

Deadlines for admission

Deadlines for full-time applications for the fall term only

  • February 15 for fall, application and all materials due this date. Students will be notified by March 31.

Applications received or completed after February 15 will be accepted on a space-available basis only and are reviewed on a rolling basis. International students must allow enough time to secure proper visa requirements.

Application deadlines for students starting the program in the summer or spring terms:

  • March 15 for summer session, file all materials by this date
  • October 1 for spring semester, file all materials by this date