Global Experiences

Global exposure and experiences are essential to business education. The world is converging into one marketplace and business leaders need to understand how business works worldwide. Students will have opportunities within the curriculum to explore cultural differences and global impacts on finance, marketing, economics, supply chain and all areas of business. The capstone course is global strategic management. It is typically a case-based course dealing with all aspects of global strategy.

Student interaction

GSM students have ample opportunity to work with students from different parts of the world. This is a great opportunity to learn directly from other students about their experiences in the global market place. You will be in class and on teams with multi-cultural students to enhance the learning environment.

International Experiences

The GSM offers a number of opportunities for students to participate in international experiences. These are typically 10-12 day international trips with coursework offered on campus before and after the trip. These are typically offered as three credit hour electives. Given the short duration of the trip, both full-time and part-time student can participate in these courses.

When on the travel potion of the course, students participate in classroom lectures from local University professors, corporate visits with lectures from high level executives, government visits and cultural excursions. The days are typically busy with multiple activities scheduled each day.

Recent trips have been to China, Europe, Eastern Europe and China. For more information and application materials for upcoming programs click here.

International Business Specialization

MBA students also have the opportunity to specialize in international business. IB students are required to complete two electives in international business, two of the capstone course (MANA 6240) Global Strategic Management and an international experience course. For more information please click here.