Innovative Applied Learning

Marquette University’s Graduate School of Management is focused on global, ethical education with practical applications. We tackle the business challenges of today and tomorrow with a focus on business theories implemented for change and progress.

The courses you will take are demanding and time consuming but are designed to incorporate your work experiences into the program. Many of the courses will have projects that can be done for your current organization and will therefore benefiting your organization immediately and allow for sharing some of your time with work. Applied learning gives you an opportunity to work with others from different industries and careers, widen your perspective on how different companies operate, and may even open the door to a new career path for you.

Applied learning experiences include:

Skills courses include:

  • BUAD 6101: Conducting Performance Appraisals
  • BUAD 6102: Balanced Scorecard
  • BUAD 6104: Business Writing
  • BUAD 6105: Coaching for Performance Improvement
  • BUAD 6106: Cross-Cultural Meetings - Business Interactions
  • BUAD 6107: Facilitating Meetings
  • BUAD 6108: GIS Business ArcView Software
  • BUAD 6110: Organizational Assessment
  • BUAD 6111: Powerful Presentations
  • BUAD 6112: SAS
  • BUAD 6113: SPSS
  • BUAD 6114: Team Building
  • BUAD 6115: Networking-Job Skills to Survive a Tough Economy
  • BUAD 6931: Workshop in Organizational Consulting: Roles, Responsibilities and Skills